Ryan Kashubara – Three Tips to Become More Productive

Ryan Kashubara has become an expert on efficiency and productive in his career as an industrial engineer and quality engineer for electronic component manufacturing companies. Ryan Kashubara has worked for Epic Technologies, which has created many components for medical devices that many doctors and their patients all over the world rely on. Accuracy and quality of these components are crucial every time they are produced, and efficiency is everything when making these products.

Here are three tips that Ryan Kashubara has learned to help everyone become more productive in anything they do:

  • Stop waiting for the perfect conditions to start a new project or process. Immediate action when it needs to happen creates a positive feedback loop that drives more action and creates more appropriate action. Ryan Kashubara is a quality engineer who works hard to help the manufacturing process along at all times.
  • Act, don’t talk. Too many meetings can put a stop to creativity. Talking about action and proper planning is great, but if you only go to meetings, you’ll find yourself wondering what exactly you did at the end of the day.
  • Create a routine. One of the most crucial things Kashubara does is create routines for his factory and the workers to follow to ensure maximum efficiency in the manufacturing of products.

Ryan Kashubara has helped improve the efficiency of the factories he has worked for as an industrial engineer for many years and he has developed many different companies become more productive in their manufacturing activities.