Month: July 2017

Ryan Kashubara – Process Mapping

Ryan Kashubara is a process engineer who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University in 2011. Here Ryan Kashubara is explaining in thoroughly about the  process mapping:

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Ryan Kashubara: Efficiency and Productivity

Ryan Kashubara graduated from Ohio State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He began his career as a quality engineer and then found a job as a process engineer.

He uses his education and his experience to improve efficiency and productivity. “I was eventually moved into a process engineering role where I mapped out many of our business process related to procuring parts for production floor assembly,” says Mr. Kashubara. “I designed and redesigned several work cell layouts for improved flow and increased efficiency.”

Efficiency and productivity are valuable in an industrial setting. Mr. Kashubara is experienced in industrial and systems engineering. He has worked in manufacturing and he understands the importance of efficiency and productivity. When a product is being manufactured, an efficient work cell and result in a higher production rate. Mr. Kashubara worked directly with customers to meet their expectations as well as their needs. He was responsible for managing quality functions as well as responsibilities for multiple customer accounts. As a process engineer, Mr. Kashubara states that he “coordinated all production aspects of repair cell while implementing improvements to product flow and tracking for 3,000+ product returns.” He was responsible for designing cell layouts using lean principles and product routing analysis to optimize flow.

Mr. Kashubara helped his company build their production efficiency in order to improve overall client satisfaction. Ryan Kashubara is trained in industrial engineering and enjoys working with customers. He knows how to improve productivity in an industrial setting.

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