Month: August 2017

Ryan Kashubara – Role of Efficiency to Get Ahead in Life:

Ryan Kashubara is a reliable manufacturing engineer with years of experience and exceptional organizational skills. Ryan Kashubara has worked for Epic Technologies a subsidiary of NEO Tech, between 2011 and 2016.

Below are examples of how you can follow Ryan Kashubara’s lead and apply efficiency to get ahead in your own life:


Technology provides a plethora of scheduling apps, programs and tools, and that’s in addition to the abundance of traditional materials. Use an efficient tool that can keep a disciplined schedule that fits for your style of work and play.

Control your calendar, plan for everything and even schedule time for relaxation and play. With this approach, it’s easier to make room for inevitable unexpected events.


It sounds minor, but the amount of time spent looking for things like keys, outfits, pens, day planners and phones adds up. Efficient people like Mr. Kashubara often keep everything in a designated place so that they can find what they need quickly with no extra looking.


Do you know exactly how much time you spend doing different tasks each day? Most don’t, but if you time your activities for a week or a month, you’ll be surprised at how much you spend on social media, texting or taking phone calls.

Time yourself for a week or month straight twice a year on every activity for regular check-ins on where you need to be more efficient.

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Ryan Kashubara: Three Facts About Quality Engineers

Ryan Kashubara began his career as a quality engineer with Epic Technologies, LLC. Ryan Kashubara studied industrial and systems engineering so that he could become a quality engineer and then a process engineer. Mr. Kashubara says that as a quality engineer, he “worked to ensure the integrity of the electronics and printed circuit boards assemblies that Epic manufactured.”

As he progressed in his career, he gained more responsibilities. “I led containment efforts on nonconforming material, inspected products for defects, managed returns for repair, and performed root cause analysis and corrective action implementation,” says Mr. Kashubara. He was responsible for creating control plan and failure mode effects analysis documentation for prototypes as well.

Quality engineers are professionals who are trained in product quality control. The engineers often have a background or education in quality engineering, process engineering, or industrial engineering. They study how to improve processes in order to ensure a better rate of quality control.

Quality engineers work in manufacturing plants and are responsible for the quality of their employers’ products. They implement and maintain quality standards in order to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Quality Engineers strive to improve their company’s quality and production by discovering the root causes of inefficiencies and issues. Once the engineers discover an issue, they may work to develop a plan to correct and improve that issue. Mr. Kashubara worked as a quality engineer while he was with Epic Technologies, LLC. He used his education to improve quality and production. Ryan Kashubara enjoys the challenges of quality engineering and always looks forward to finding innovative ways to improve processes in an industrial setting.

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