Month: October 2017

Ryan Kashubara: The Beauty of Lean Manufacturing

Ryan Kashubara is a process engineer who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University in Industrial Engineering. Ryan Kashubara lives and works in Kentucky, where he works as a Process Engineer for Carl Zeiss Vision.

Lean manufacturing is among Ryan Kashubara’s specializations. He appreciates the beauty of lean manufacturing, as do many such professionals, and deftly uses it to make organizations and processes more efficient. Familiarizing yourself with lean manufacturing can help you similarly see the beauty in this principle:

  • Lean Manufacturing is Simple

The principles of lean manufacturing are based on refining production and workplace processes to their most efficient, simple state. This means eliminating waste and ensuring that all areas flow smoothly, working in unison with each other. In doing so, organizations cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and create a healthier work environment.

  • Tools

Lean manufacturing, for many, is used as a set of tools that will assist in identifying and eliminating that which is unnecessary. These tools range from total productive maintenance and mixed model processing to redesigning working cells and value stream mapping.

Speaking with someone like Ryan Kashubara about lean manufacturing can help you better understand what it is and why it is applied in some of the best workplaces around the world.

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