Ryan Kashubara: What is Process Engineering?

Ryan Kashubara is a process engineer who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 2011 from Ohio State University. He is passionate about his career and initially accepted a role with Epic Technologies, LLC, in quality engineering. Eventually, he became Lead Process Engineer for Medical Products. Today, he works as a process engineer with Carl Zeiss Vision.


Since beginning his career in process engineering, Ryan Kashubara has established a positive reputation for his interpersonal and collaboration abilities. If you’re interested in an engineering career and are curious about process engineering, points like those below might help:

  • Career Basics

A process engineer generally requires a Bachelor’s degree, at minimum, and experience in a laboratory setting. Such professionals generally work in laboratory or office environments, applying problem-solving and analytical skills to excel. Similar professions include biomedical engineering and quality engineering.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

Process engineers determine the best procedures for converting materials and processes, developing video methods, installing technologies and managing other daily operations. They often work with medical, chemical, water and recycling organizations.

Speaking with someone who has experience in process engineering, like Ryan Kashubara, can give you a better perspective on the field.

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