Ryan Kashubara: What is a Quality Engineer?

Ryan Kashubara, a Process Engineer with Carl Zeiss Vision in Hebron, Kentucky, began his career as a quality engineer with Epic Technologies, LLC. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and enjoys the challenges that his field presents him with.

ryan kashubara

Engineering careers like Ryan Kashubara’s offer an array of specializations like quality engineering. The points below might help you better understand this field:

  • Teamwork

A quality engineer works with a team of stakeholders and professionals to maintain the quality of a final product. They might work with designers, suppliers, manufacturing teams and customers, tasked with creating quality practices and documentation. The ability to both work independently and with teammates can improve a quality engineer’s career.

  • Roles

Quality engineers do many things for different companies. Often, with large organizations, they focus on specific areas of expertise, maintaining parts of a system. With smaller organizations, a quality engineer might have a wider range of responsibilities, providing support to an entire system.

If you aspire to work as a quality engineer, consider interviewing someone with experience in the field, like Ryan Kashubara. There, you can ask questions about the career and make an educated decision for your future.

Follow Ryan Kashubara at Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ryan-kashubara


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