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Ryan Kashubara-Three Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Ryan Kashubara has been a process and industrial engineering expert for many years in several places in Ohio during his career. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University and started working for Epic Technologies, LLC in Norwalk, Ohio. He moved with a client to a new location in Mason, Ohio to help manufacture electronic medical devices. Over the years, he has learned the many principles and techniques of lean manufacturing, as well as its potential benefits if done correctly.ryan kashubara

Here are three of the main principles of lean manufacturing:

  • Elimination of waste. There are many different kinds of waste that come from manufacturing, including waste of transportation, overproduction, waste of inventory, and more. Ryan Kashubara, as a lean manufacturing expert, helped review all areas of the organizations he helped work with to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Continuous improvement. Usually referred to in lean frameworks by its Japanese translation, kaizen, continuous improvement is a pillar of any lean manufacturing plan. This again requires time spent reviewing all processes within an organization to see how they can be improved.
  • Respect for humanity. Everyone involved in the proper operation of any manufacturing process is human and must be treated as such. This leads to happier and more effective workers.

Ryan Kashubara has helped several manufacturing operations improve by focusing on the key principles of lean manufacturing and improvements. He has been praised and decorated in his efforts in this regard throughout his career in electronic manufacturing in many places in Ohio.

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